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What is Google Compute Engine – GCE | Technogeez

 Google compute platform. 

Google has launched new cloud platform which is  Googlecloudhosting visit here for google cloud hosting. were you can get a one year of cloud hosting for free. These helps the bloggers who are searching for the hosting services for free and also this is the best opportunity to learn cloud computing as well as machine learning languages.

Google cloud platform consists of a wide vareity of business marketing tools so this is the right time as well as best opportunity to learn every thing like Virtual-machines and all.

What is Google Compute Engine – GCE.

Google cloud computing engine (gce) help their customers to create and run the virtual machines on google infrastructure. compute engine allows their customers to launch large compute clusters on Google’s infrastructure simple and easy . compute engines offer’s their customers to run and deploy a large variety of products such as tools and softwares for free and also their is no limitations for setup and usages of their tools as according to their terms and conditions, customers must follow their terms and conditions to get basic clarification.

Google cloud compute platform consists of thousands of virtual CPU’s on a system that has been designed to be fast as compaired to regular , and to offer strong consistency of performance in cloud computing.

Machine type’s in gce.

Google compute engine use 2 types of machines.


kernel based virtual machines are the type of virtual machines which are virtualised infrastructure for the linux kernel which are usually turns into a hypervisor. A wide variety of operating system’s  are used by the Kernel-Based virtual machine. basically in virtual machines KVM is the best virtualised machine used for cloud operating systems.


Hypervisor is a virtual machine monitor of a cloud computing. Hypervisor is a type Virtual machine which usually runs in the cloud computing.these are used to drive the cloud compute engine. Hypervisors supervise and also multiplex multiple OS by using highly efficient as well as sophisticated algorithms.

Machine type comparission.

  1. High-CPU machine: 0.9 GB of RAM per virtual CPU.
  2. Standard machine: 3.75 GB of RAM per virtual CPU.
  3. High-memory machine: 6.5 GB of RAM per virtual CPU.
  4. Memory-optimized machine: greater than 14 GB RAM per vCPU.
  5. Shared machine: CPU and RAM are shared between customers.

Google cloud platform is one the top cloud hosting providers which are usually managing by the google company by settuping the data bases and all. And google cloud has proving the best cloud storages for their customers by providing the worth of 365 days free trail visit here to claim the offer of googlecloudplatform.

Many of the companies are hosting the site in cloud and also storing their data in cloud hosting because cloud computing has a wide variety of feature’s which makes user free from risk free and 0 maintenance.

I recommend google cloud hosting because it has a variety of features with high security data base which usually offering with low cost. And  also there customers can launch there dream website with in a short period of time.


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