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What Is Admob? How Can We Earn From Google Admob | Technogeez.

What Is Admob? How Can We Earn From Google Admob | Technogeez.

postedby kanilreddy/technogeez/10-09-2018

Google launched admob which is quite similar to adsense were we are coming to google adsense which gives adds in blog,website,other urls and you tube and so by they same google launched the admob to show adds in apps in android technology. many of the google app developers are earning billions of dollor’s from this admob . so its quite easy to earn from admob just creat a admob account and make a app and place your adds in the application (app) and by viewing and sharing of your application you get money to admob and adsense both are same inter linked to each other  and you can make withdraw of $100 through your bank from wire transfer on  every month of  the 21st u get money to your bank by google

 All Is Fine And How To Make Money From It?

At first you have to know have to make app (android application)…

Android studio is the best platform were we can build our own application and its our wish to place our app in place store or in google chrome according to me if u have capacity to invest you can choose play store by buying google play console and if not make a link to download from a browser from chrome and place adds in it and by views clicks you get paid.

Types Of Adds Present In Admob?

1.Banner adds




These adds can be place in our application and by views we get paid

1. Banner-adds: These adds shows in banner format in our application

2. Interstitial-adds: These adds shows are in  full screen (full screen adds) in our application

3. Rewarded-adds: These adds shows in full screen video format adds.

4. Native-adds: this feature is not available present and it still in beta condition.

How to monetize the admob.

The basic question is how can we earn money from admob? admob is the best advertising platform were we can earn millions of dollor’s by google admob is quite similar to adsense the user get paid through google adds and clicks so here many of the app developers are making huge money through admob if you learn the android studio design u can earn money easily. simply design a android app and usually publish the app in playstore by google developer console so by downloads and using the app you get best income from these admob and also admob provides the adds for the app were we can use it on mobile without publishing in google playstore so by this refferals u can make money through a google product which is admob.

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