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Virtual Machines(VM)-Definition | Technogeeez

What is VM Instances?

The full form of the VM is know as Virtual machine.In cloud computing, a virtual machine(VM)  is act as emulator of a computer system. Virtual machines are based on the computer architectures these provide’s  the functionality of a computer system.Their applications may involve by the specialized hardware and software.

Basically there are different types of  Virtual Machines:

  • System Virtual Machines
  • Process Virtual Machines

1.System Vistual Machines.

System virtual machines are also know as full virtualization virtual machine’s.This execute the entire operating system simple and easy. A virtual machine monitor (VMM) or also know as a hypervisor uses the code execution to manage the hardware of a machine allow’s for multiple environments,which are isolated from one another and exist on the same machine in cloud computing virtual machines.

2.Process Virtual Machines.

Process virtual machines are platform-independent and also they execute computer programs in platform independently only. Virtual machines such as QEMS basically these are  free and open source emulator that usually  performs the hardware virtualization.this type of virtual machines provides a high-level abstraction it means in general we can say high level machine languages. These type of process virtual machines are became popular because of the java programming languages  which implements java virtual machines in virtual machines.

what is open Vm’s.

The official name of vm instances are open VM’s. Basically VMS are supporting two hardware platforms they are

  • Vax : 

Their variants are known as Vax VMS.

  • Alpha VMS: 

Their variants are known as Alpha VMS.

open-VMS are known as (Open Virtual Memory System or just called as VMS). it is stable and highly secure operating system with it holds high powerful operating system. Many of the sectors like medical industrial use these Open-vms Os because it is the best operating system in cloud hosting.




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