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Types of Blogs for a successful blogging career – Beginner guide|Technogeez.

Types of Blogs for a successful blogging career.

Basically they are 4 types blogs which makes you success in blogging career mainly they are.

  • Personal Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Authority Blog

Firstly we discuss about what is blogging. Blogging it means sharing your ideas with people in online way it means creating a website/blog and and writing about, what you want to share with people, this is know as blogging and the person who doe’s blogging is known as blogger.
lets come to the point and we discuss about what are types of blogs and their benifits.

1.Personal Blog

As usually many people are writing blogs on different categories but they don’t no on what type it is so here i’am to discuss about blog as mainly personal blog it is a type of blog which usually describes about yourself  as per clarification the famous actor Amitabh bachchan  maintains his own blog and he eventually posts the articles about his day to day life i consider personal blog is also know as as personal dairy but personal dairy is in offline and it can be in written by pen and personal blog is written in online form and written by keyword of pc. so this is know as personal blog.

2.Niche Blog

Now days many are doing niche blogs. Niche blogs are the blogs which mainly describes about certain topic for example if your basically intrested about technology and internet tricks so basically you are going to start a blog on technology so technology is know as niche and the concept you are choosing is niche blogs so these are known as niche.Eventually niche blogs generate’s a lot of traffic and traffic converts to income. This is known as niche blogging.

3.Business Blog

These type of blogs are maintained by businessmen’s to promote their business by the blog as per your confirmation if a person has own fitness and gym center so he usually maintains a fitness and health blog and he promotes his business by the blog and he usually attract the audience that makes his/her business growth high through this blog. This are known as business blog.

4.Authority Blog

Authority blogs are also known Branding blogs . Many people has a aim or a dream to have their own brand on his name as example there is a person called neil patel he is maintaining a blog called neilpateldigital he helps the beginners in blogging platform that makes his name brand  so these type of blogs are comes from authority blog. Authority blogs fulfills many blogger dreams they got they own branding and helped in business filed.

Basically these are type of blogs usually maintaining by many of the bloggers according to their interest.

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