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How to Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud – Click to deploy | Technogeez

How to Setup and Install WordPress(Click to deploy)on Google Cloud .

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Google cloud platform provide’s the best opportunity for the one who want’s to install and setup wordpress on Cloud Hosting platform’s.Google has launched the Google cloud platform and providing the best services to the one who are in need of wordpress hosting to develop the web appllications and blogs.

                            Let’s get into the tutorial and follow the every basic step carefully which makes easy to install wordpress simple and easy in google cloud platform.

There are 3 Basic step’s in the tutorial:

1.Launch WordPress(click to deploy) on google cloud compute engine.

2.Configure WordPress installation.

3.Login to WordPress.

Note:Before starting this tutorial,you need to create a Google cloud platform.


1. Deploy WordPress.


Go to your Google cloud platform dashboard and you will

find a search bar on the upper middle of the screen




Search for wordpress on the search bar of google cloud platform.

And you will their are many wordpress application.

According to me i recommend you wordpress click to deploy and just select it.




Launch the WordPress(Google click to deploy) on google compute engine.

And make sure that you are installing the wordpress(Google click to deploy)


2. Configure WordPress Installation



As you are redirected to this page make sure that you have to enter you deployment name as your domain name.

zone is described that were at what  place(server setuped region) you have to store and setup your application. 

Boot disk must be selected as SSD Perminant Disk it gives pest performance.




After scroll down the webpage select the option Allow HTTP’S traffic.

click on the  deploy .

4. Login to WordPress.



Every thing has setuped you’r dream wordpress site has succesfully launched on your Favourate Google cloud platform.

Login to wordpress admin.




Just login to your wordpress Admin pannel and make your blog according to your style and all.



  1. Hey Kanil. Nice tutorial these made easy to install WordPress on cloud computing thanks for info and keep posts related to cloud and all it makes easy for us.Thanku


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