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How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog From Social Media | Technogeez.

How To Generate Traffic to your blog from social-media.

Posted by kanilreddy/technogeez/08-09-2018.

Welcome to technogeez this kanil reddy and the topic is how can we get  huge traffic from social sites to your blog.Many of the bloggers are driving traffic to there blog from social media. It is a platform were many are driving millions of traffic here without using any Seo strategy.


 Famous Trending Social Media’s.

There Are Mainly 4 Trending Socials Sites Which Gives Ours Huge Traffic They Are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Whatsapp / linked_in


             One of the social media we can get a out of customers in Facebook and were we can generate a lot of bunch of traffic here to our blog. According to me we can generate over millions of traffic here by creating a page like for example Technogeez and we have to get audience here by promoting our page our making shout out by another page which has more followers, writing good content post nearly about half and linking your website Url’s  there so if they are intrested in need of full content they refer the link by this way we can make facebook as a best marketing place which can gives our free traffic to our blog.




                  Twitter is one the best social media platform which can get a lot of traffic to your blog ultimately the thing we have to do is attracting the people by expressing our blog ideas there if they likes your content or if they strike its nice they usually visit your site for example mine is they visit if they like my content so Twitter is the free tool were to attract the people by our statics by these social media we can generate traffic to our blog and we can get money..




        Instagram is the superb social media were we can do a n number of business here but our target is how can we make traffic here the thing we have to do is we have t buy a top page from best seller and the page we have to select having millions or thousands followers and we have to attract them with our posts and we have to guide them there for free later we make a captions my website Technogeez were you can get a lot of stuff for free so they visit your site it gives a best traffic to your blog and make money




           These is a platform were we can drive traffic not mush as compared to other platforms the things we have to do is installing Business whatsapp application and just signing up and go in to the Google and search for business whatsapp groups or money ma king group’s professional group’s teach them about our website and get traffic this is some watt difficulty but if we work hard there much benifit for us…..



*****Last And Final Linkedin:



linked in is the awesome and best platform were we can hire n number of blog experts and Seo experts we can hire them and also by our posts we can a huge traffic to our blog we get good good suggestions here to develope our marketing strategy and we give’s  good traffic here thanks for reading my blog Technogeez

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