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How To Earn Money in online Using Technology……

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want to earn money from online using internet?

Then why you are late here is the awsome post you come to know how to generate money in online. Hi this is Kanil reddy from Technogeez today’s topic is how to make digital currency from online.

Many of the  people tried many sites but there is no income?

Yes i know in these case i tried many sites and also i worked nearly 1 month in some websites but they ripped me there is no income and i  started thinking why they din’t payed me and i went in some deep then i got result they are getting payouts by google,adds,responsive adds and from Affiliate marketing and we are driving traffic to them so they are earning by us we are not working for them we are just working for them to there traffic.So why cant we earn from our own site is the thought i guys you people can earn your own income by yourself by digital marketing.By starting your own webiste or blog.

How can we earn from blog?

At first before earning from a blog you have to know what is a blog and you come to know by reading the post here by following these link how to create a blog after successfull you can earn from your blog by many ways like affiliate marketing adds etc etc.

At first what is a Blog and Blogging?

Blog is a word it means writing and sharing articles and this is known as blog .The person how writes a blog is known as blogger and the work  he is doing we called as digital marketing

 Types of earnings in blog?

  1. Google adsense
  2. Keeping responsive adds
  3. Alternate adds
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Blog experts can get paid via online training

 “i write blogs as passion so passion generates money for me”


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