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How Much Can we Earn from blog?

Posted by Kanilreddy/technogeez/10-09-2018

Most common question every blogger strikes in his mind. How much can we earn from my blog per month? So my answer is we can’t say that we can earn monthly $100 or $1000 because Some blogs are generating millions and some blogs are generating in thousands every blogger has is own strategy and by his strategy and  by his tricks they are  generating money in every month the best revenue. I am here to say how can we earn from a blog.

   Blogger  earning from adds.

 Basically in begging as a beginner every blogger get paid by adds by publishing adds as a publisher in their blog. Usually adds are generated by google adsense it means if a blog has good unique content and about 20-50 posts and google verify your blog and they give adds to your blog by generating best and unique traffic visitors as by seeing the adds u get paid by google

 Doing Affiliate Marketing.

One of the best way of income were bloggers are earning there best income from affiliate marketing if u are interested in affiliate marketing follow this link and get information about AFFILIATE MARKETING  By doing affiliate marketing also you can generate huge money to make affiliate money you must have best blog with unique visitors …

How can we get traffic and visitors to our blog.

Traffic is the main thing.If you have best blog with ultimate traffic u get best income from google ADSENSE and affiliate marketing and there are many like e-book selling’s how to get traffic is your question right? visit here the best way we can generate huge traffic GET TRAFFIC HERE and by using many tricks we can get generate like doing SEO etc etc . 

Is selling e-books get profit.

write best books and publish them in your blog make your name as a brand and make a magic that everyone should like your blog and book magic it means attracting the visitors and guiding them in your own style they buy your books and u get best proft.

Setuping branding and making money.

After getting a brand to your blog many people usually ask to guide them and train them in digital marketing field so train them with your strategies and they get pay if u share information and also solving some problems which a beginner blog faces also get paid huge income by these way you can survive in blogging industry. Gaining knowledge and selling knowledge can makes income in digital marketing field


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