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Google App Engine(GAE).

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Google app engine(gae) allow’s their customers to build web-application’s on the dynamic web servers quick and easy. Google app engine (gae) makes their customer’s awesome, by building web-application’s easy and their maintenance is simple and easy by without setuping any external server with automatic scaling and load balancing. Yet another it is known as Google cloud platform.

About Google App Engine and what it is?

  • Google’s own infrastructure for running the web-application’s on their Platform.
  • Yet another it is known as google cloud platform.
  • App engine is an Http server.but it doe’s not server any Html.
  • Google app engine fall’s under the platform-as-a-service(PaaS) of cloud platform.
  • Google app engine supports the apps which are usually written in several type of programming languages.
  • Using google app engine gives best benefits of 0 maintainces. no any server required to maintain it. THe

Google App Engine(GAE) as a platform-as-a-service(PaaS).

Google app engine (gae) it is a powerful platform which can built app and web application’s simple and easy which scales automatically.Google App Engine is a Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) offering for Python, Java and PHP. this makes web-application’s on google cloud platform. Google App Engine(gae) application can run in 2 environments, the standard environment and the flexible environment. These standard and flexible environment simultaneously run in the application. If the application is using the micro-services architecture.

Why to use Google App Engine (gae)

Google app engine built’s the application which are highly scalable and Build robust with mobile backends along with the built-in services and APIs like memcache, datastores, and a the user authentication API.

Developing the web-applications  and mobile applications on google app engine is much fast and easy with load balancing and applications lagging.

Google app engine scales the web-application based on the need and handeals the traffic without any restrictions.

Features on GAE.

  • Google Cloud SQL:  Google cloud SQL is a fully managed web service  that enables the customers to create and configure the web-applications by relational data bases that configures in google cloud platform
  • NoSQL – Data stores:  NoSQL data-stores is a  rich data API usually which are scalable data-stores which stores the data.
  • User Authenication: Google allows the user to login with there email so it makes easy to login
  • Traffic Splitting: As usually google manages the cloud by updating the server any time and splits the traffic which are coming from different API’s by A/B testing traffic usually splits.
  • Popular languages:  Popular languages such as java,python and php which enable’s the user to built web-applications easy


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