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Free SSL Certificate Setup for WordPress on Google Cloud Computing – Technogeez

Free SSL Certificate Setup for WordPress(Click to deploy) on Google Cloud Computing.

Posted by kanilreddy/technogeez/13-09-2018.

In this quick  tutorial i will show you how to setup SSL certificate and auto renewal for wordpress(click to deploy) which is hosted on Google Cloud Platform or Google Compute Engine. 

NOTE: This tutorial is only for WordPress (click to deploy) on google cloud platform.If your using the bitnami version this SSl wont works click here for bitnami.

Before get starting to this tutorial you need to have.

  • Installed wordpress on Google cloud .
  • setup a domain name for your wordpress site which is hosted on gae(google app engine) .
  • Reserved a static IP for VM instances .

Having a SSL certificate will usually improves the Google rank engine for your Blog or a website.

There are some steps in this tutorial:

  •  Connect to WordPress via SSH.
  •  Install Certbot Client in SSH.
  •  Generate Certificates Of SSL.
  • Test SSL Certificate Renewal.
  • Setup Auto-Renewal of SSL Cerificate.
  • Configure the SSL Certificates.
  • Enable HTTPS Redirect in SSH.
  • Restart the Apache Server.
  • Update WordPress URLs (http to https).

1.Connect to WordPress via SSH.


Go to Google Cloud platform dashboard.

click on the hamburger menu which is left top side of dashboad.



Click on the cloud compute engine.

then select VM Instances which enters into SSH.

Which access the wordpress installation through SSH.



Click on the SSh to connect you’r website server.

2.Install Certbot Client in SSH.

Now you have connected  your website to Apache server, you are going to execute this command to install the Certbot client. The Certbot client is used to issue the SSL certificates to your wordpress.


wget && chmod a+x certbot-auto

After executing these command in your SSH, you can either stay in the same SSH window or exit and open a new one in your browser.


3.Generate Certificates Of SSL.


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