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Free Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Posted by Kanilreddy/technogeez/10-09-2018.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model where the individuals can help companies by selling there products and also promoting the company products and services in both online and offline. As an affiliate marketer basically the person who do affiliate marketing is known as affiliate marketer and also we call him as publisher. Basically affiliate marketing is referral based system that allows you to earn a share of the product which we promote

                        The amount of money that affiliate marketer earns depends on the product which he promotes, often sometimes the amount he earn upto 90% of the total price of the product. Affiliate marketer can  promote both high and low ticket product as affiliates for example basically the low range affiliate marketing product starts from 1000 to 10000 not in exact its in rough figure and high ticket range is above 10000 which gives you high commission.


How does affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing works in simple steps as,

  1. publisher puts your add on his/her website or  blog or social networks or marketings
  2. whenever  the customers clicks on the affiliate link or his/here purchase the product
  3. the conversation has been tracked to the company
  4. affiliate marketer gets paid the commission

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing is for people who are willing to create a multi source of income it means generating money in new way of style using internet technology .Affiliate marketers are generating more than $100 every month approx or even there is a top affiliate marketers who are earning $1000000 every month that’s the power of affiliate marketing.

                       Mainly in this affiliate marketing field the affiliate marketer who works hard can generates millions of money in every month by there own style  by using there own strategy of work

Were to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing  can be starts in website or blog. If a person who has best website/blog having unique visitors, he can start affiliate marketing in there blog/website  by keeping the company links and adds in there blog. basically affiliate marketing is the right way to make millions of money through this referral program.

 Famous affiliate marketing comapany’s

Best affiliates are here

  1. Amazon Affiliates
  2. Ebay Affiliates
  3. Lead pages
  4. Host-gator
  5. Go daddy
  6. Click bank

Why to choose affiliate marketing.

Basically many of the bloggers are earning through adsense and they are searching for some other extra income at that same time and they can earn without doing any work simply they can earn by affiliate marketing by simply promoting there external links on your blog the above mentioned or the best affiliate marketing sites which usually pays good amount of income. so doing affiliate marketing is the way we can earn best incomes through the blocks and usually we can promote the amazon products in our blog so that the viewers can buy the products through visiting the links from our blog and to directly amazon so its the right path to earn similarly we can earn click back etc etc.

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