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Blog commenting best way to generate traffic – beginner guide | Technogeez

Blog commenting best way to generate traffic – beginner guide | Technogeez.

posted by kanilreddy/technogeez/10-09-2018

Hello everyone! here is Technogeez today we are describing about blog commenting . Blog commenting is an awesome technique were we can generate best traffic to our blog and also we get releation with some fellow bloggers. Mainly blog commenting used to generates a lot of traffic which means usually we get permenant reader’s in blog commenting section.

Blog commenting is a technique were we get mutual friendship with the bloggers who are similar to your niche and usually visitors visit to your blog to check weather your blog is helpfull to then if they feels that your blog is helpfull for them then they visit daily and you get ultimate traffic

Blog commenting:

blog commenting is one of the easiest technique were we  get backlinks to a website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink graph remains constant or go up with the same time.

These are blog commenting strategy

  • Driving Traffic
  • connections with bloggers
  • backlinks

Blog commenting is a part of seo

Seo is a key to success for every blogger. How ever it is on page seo or off page seo . Usually blog commenting comes is a strategy were we get backlinks to our blog . backlinks makes your website rank goes higher and drive awesome traffic. and blog commenting help in getting perminant visitors so blog commenting is also a part of seo.

Many bloggers are read the blog of other who are choosing same niche and also they write the content and they strike  that no one is visiting my blog organic search result in 0 so they can  chose blog commenting it is a best way to get traffic to their blog and also they can get no-follow seo links to their blog which makes the result to get organic search traffic.

Seo is the primary way to every blogger to drive the traffic to their blog because traffic is the source which gets the profit it means without having proper content traffic also less to our blog so targeting keywords makes to get profit to our blog.




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