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3 Things to know Before Starting a Tech Blog – BeginnerGuide | Technogeez

3 Things to know Before Starting a Tech Blog.

Now a days Tech is the top and most popular niche that blogging start up choose.

Actually in the present word many are starting blog’s and saying that i’m a blogger wen we ask ooh that’s awesome what is your niche? they give the simple answer is Tech. Mostly 60% of the beginners says i have started a tech  blog.

Tech is an ever-growing niche in blogging industry ,  especially the big techie giants usually uncover the new technologies, bloggers and few fellow bloggers and beginners  go bonkers about them. More and more people are in need of new tech tutorials, guides and how to properly implement tech in daily life in blogging platform to achieve success.

probabily many say’s that i am a tech blogger. The sound says pretty cool and awesome but starting a blog is not important maintaining the blog is important so here are the top 5 things you must keep in your mind before starting a Tech blog.

1.Tech blog has frequent updates about technology and topics regarding to niche.

Tech is a word describes about technology in the way if your content is really board you have to frequently update the topic’s. In word we can say that tech is broad niche

If a techie is writing the posts about technology they are rapid changes in technology. In the digital world many bloggers who are in beginning stage writing about tech and they usually writes the old generated top so result is 0 tech blog has changes every minute to minute so updating and setup is the best actions usually takes place in tech blog.

2.Catching every updates about tech.

Tech blog usually generates money by massive traffic which usually driven by social media,referrals,seo etc etc

while coming to referral traffic the content must be new and unique and the audience must catch the logic the logic is about to updated tech if the blog content is updated it means post is about tech usually updating so updation is the major job takes place in tech blog

So the fresh-unique content works great to drive traffic by the referrals and traffic converts to income

For this, you need to be well informed about what’s trending in technology at this present technical world.

3.keyword research

keyword plays a major role in tech blog usually many people are writing tech blogs without using proper key word

usually writing blog without keyword wont generate much traffic its organic traffic so it’s a bad idea

Especially in Tech blogs keys rank your blog and gives traffic and also it key word gives you high CPC adds which makes you high income.

Actually tech blogger’s write the blog about technology but they wont use proper key word that leads to low traffic if low traffic occur’s there is no income.

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